Arms against reality

Arms against reality Sophie Dunér © 2004 & 2010

Arms against reality,

What good is it without a brain?

Arms against reality,

It rather rapes than keeps me sane.

People can be strong little weak things

In weak stability.

It’s easy to be tough in a world full of

Absolute control, absolute control.

Arms against reality,

No deceptions come my way.

Arms against reality,

All my fears will go astray

In your imaginary world

Full of witches playing wild and free,

Reality may after all be a safe thing,

So contradictory, contradictory.

Arms against reality,

Now its time to let go of it.

Arms against reality,

It’s about time to stop using it.

In my imaginary world,

Full of angels playing wild and free.

Reality may after all

Be so unsafe, so contradictory, contradictory.