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The answear to CIMP and Bob Rush to Blue Note and  Norah Jones is called Sophie Dunér! After lots of free and improives music comes to CIMP a special personality with her own musical vision beyound the typical genre, a Swedish singer who until now never have recorded.

 It may be a joke or not, however it remains that her first aproach in 1996, she didn´t convince the american producer. Sophie Dunér didn´t lose courage and with other songs she presented herself to the same recordlabel that after some years woke some interest to her own work.

 With an unusual formation – electric guitar, acoustic bass, a lot of percussion from Kahlil Kwame Bell, and thats somebody who has worked with, above notes, Norah Jones – makes that Bob Rusch define ” good music is good music” and escapes at all definition a music crossover that surely goes well with a quartet put together for the ocasion. The guitar, Rory Stuart, is very good and to interpretate jazz and arrange it with taste for the songs written by Sophie Dunér. In some of the songs, the structure is typically pop like The Rain in Spain and the Fight. But that last very well with the few selected standards.

 She is a very original singer and a composer of weight that writes lyrics that are everything but trivial and that has the advantage to know how to put it together in the best of ways. You get surprised about the simplicity of how all this is put together in a mix of styles. This is a record you listen to several times and that every time leaves a good impression.