REVIEW OF THE SOPHIE DUNÉR QUARTET ( Peter Bickl, Nordische Musik ):


The Rain in Spain

( 2006, CIMP )


C.I.M.P means Creative Improvised Music Project, behind this here is a record company with a special recording techinique with the best possible microphones directly without big effects and mastering. That means that it sounds the way it sounds, unpolished. It sounds fantastic but slightly quiet, especially for the bass.

 As unusual the label and its recording technique is, as unusual is the Swedish singer Sophie Dunér, she is much more than just a ( jazz ) singer. With her incredible width, the possibilities of her voice and loads of imagination, she creates her own song universe between jazz, chanson, folk and fast poetry slam songs and could create an addiction. And with her love for Duke Ellington, that surely would sharpen his ears if he had heard her version of ”Caravan”, ”Lush Life” etc Her own pieces ”Jack the Ripper”, ”The Multiple Useful” or ”Two time losers” remind of this style as well.

Not so twisted acts the guitarrist Rory Stuart, the fine percussionist Kahlil Kwame Bell and the bassist Matt Penman. And if you want to put Sophie Dunér in a chategory, in that case Ani di Franco with a hat, only a bit different, more jazzy.