SCHERZO( Negro Marfil ) – By Pierre Elie Mamou


“ Radiant,the sun shines in this inaugural CD by Sophie Dunér, singer, composer, crazy for life and yet brilliant enough to measure her despair, and despite much sadness, still she surprises herself ... its a sort of Orlane on the other side of the mirror, it is a worldwide Orlane outdoors, when Orlane concealed her identity and goals of her trip, Sophie Dunér is declined and described in her titles, like this sailor redhead, once again the topics: a Pippi Longstocking somewhat grown - travelling from Kairo ( "endless dancing in the streets, move me until I die," she says) going through Spain in the rain to reach the city of hher - my - dreams.

I understand, I hear, that unlike the poems murmured by Cabaret del Orlane, these songs were composed in loud voice and require to be sung with this voice.The writing, texts, music, belongs, if you will, to figurative pop, even the voice of the interpreter is figurative, and Realizm is accented by a certain hardness woodblock or xylophone of expression and rhythm.

Her aesthetics follows the trail of some experiences of Kronos or Brodsky with Elvis Costello, Sting, Bjork, Jaqui Dankworth p Meredith Monk; experience somewhat marginal for Sophie Dunér is Brodsky axis takes as an example for her creation, taking a hand full of street reality of materials that accumulate without transition, add, overlap and happen at the speed of a carousel. From one phrase to another, images, themes, motifs return and imposed by its sound or its silhouette and over its possible logic within the work, and contribute to the manner of a broken chorus to recreate a sort of kaleidoscope of impressions and sensations, the intoxicated atmosphere that dreams of recall and cheering.”