Strictly Business solo CD release in July

“Sophie not only delivers us jazz and blues on this album but she also treats us to vocals that bring to mind Meredith Monk – and she scats like Ella. She hits the low notes, she hits the high notes, and she hits all the notes in between.There is no one performing today that possesses the unique set of vocal skills that Sophie does.”  – Christopher Stawski aka Dr. Sushi of Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ / WMSE Radio


String Quartet & Electric Cello, Jazz & Avant Garde and Contemporary & New Music

Check out updates where there are 3 sections added in the menu: My musical collaborations with String Quartet & Electric Cello, Jazz & Avant Garde and Contemporary & New Music!


Strictly Business

I am soon releasing my new solo CD ‘Strictly Business’, recorded/produced in London by Darren Allison. Check out what Raul da Gama has to say about my previous work.


Songs Eclectic

With Gene Pritsker, Gerry Brown & Laurence Goldman killing it…!


Remembering Moondog

Remembering Moondog and being stranded in NYC during the pandemic!

Canon singing with 4 of me in the empty early stage pandemic streets….!


Happy Charles Mingus Centennial!

I was fortunate to be featured in the 14th Annual Charles Mingus Festival this year together with bassist Dominic Duval!


Happy Charles Mingus Centennial!

Celebrating The Charles Mingus Centennial, I post a live version of ‘Weird Nightmare’, with a really cool post arr. with electronics, brilliantly done by my dear old friend and collaborator, Bertram Lehmann.


With Comp Cord Jazz Ensemble

With Comp Cord Jazz Ensemble (featuring Fraz Hackl, Valery Pomorov, Gene Pritsker, Jay Rodriguez, Melissa Slocum, Gerry Brown etc.)



SOLO CD for upcoming release this spring


Recording my new solo CD in London


14th annual Charles Mingus Virtual Festival

Excited to be featured in the 14th annual Charles Mingus Virtual Festival coming up in NYC next weekend!


‘Songs Eclectic CD’ “Bäst 2021” enligt Magnus Eriksson i

Grateful to see another award for my CD ‘Songs Eclectic’ with Gene Pritsker: On the list of “Best of 2021” (in the jazz category)by Magnus Eriksson /


“Bop ‘Til You Drop” on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ/WMSE

Just on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ: ‘Bop Til You Drop’ featured on WMSE! (Live instrumental version from Composers Concordance event ‘Charts / Graphics’ at Michiko Studios in Mahattan the other day.) Download the podcast from WMSE archives.


‘Bop ‘Til You Drop’ au naturel

Improvising au naturel on my piece ‘Bop Til You Drop’ last spring, using my covid Yeti microphone! (hearing the keyboards in the headphones!) An instrumental version of ‘Bop Til You Drop’ was just premiered at Composers Concordance event at Michiko Studios in NYC.


‘Strictly Business’ at The Feminist Bookshop

UK premiere of Sophie’s show ‘Strictly Business’ coming up on February 22!


Bop ‘Til You Drop

Bop ‘Til You Drop by Sophie is premiered during Composers Concordance ‘Charts & Graphics’ concert at Michiko Studios in Manhattan. See video below. Starting at 1.05.Featuring Gene Pritsker (guitar), Melissa Slokum (bass), Tommy Campbell (drums) and Daniel Kay (piano).


The City of Dizzy

As CD Baby shut down their shop, DOWNLOAD CARDS for my CD ‘The City of Dizzy’ are available to order at Eternally grateful for the CD review: “This album is a killer. Nearly every track comes at you like an assault of rhythm in which the twists and turns of the music keep you on the edge of your seat.” “Improvising like a jazz horn. Many such singers have claimed this distinction, but only a handful, Dunér, Mark Murphy and Anita O’Day among them, have ever really achieved this.” “There’s an elemental, animal excitement in everything Dunér sings that grabs you by the throat and pulls you out of complacency.” – The Art Music Lounge.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Grateful for all the fantastic reviews I have received this year (and before that!) so I take the freedom to blatantly share them HERE !


Sophie and Sushi Christmas Party!


‘Bop ‘Til You Drop’ to be premiered at Michiko Studios in Manhattan

‘Bop ‘Til You Drop’ by Sophie Dunér © to be premiered during the event Charts & Graphics at Michiko Studios in Manhattan on January 15.