Coming up for Halloween!

Just finished a wonderful video recording series, for upcoming Halloween release!


Sophie Dunér to co-host ‘Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ’/WMSE

Sophie will have the honor to co-host Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ’/WMSE on Tuesday September 27 from 9am – 12pm (CT). Together with Dr. Sushi, she will talk about music that has influenced her and also play songs from her new solo album ‘Strictly Business’. She willas well offer a hot new teaser of her upcoming ‘Modern Mingus’ duo CD together with Bertram Lehman on percussion & electronics.


Video release of ‘Strictly Bizness’

Video release of ‘Strictly Business’ coming up on September 28! Check out the FB event


Fun improv at Silvana’s in Harlem


Interview in JazzBluesNews


A great CD review in LIRA


‘Let’s Save The World Suite’ improv…

Featured as improviser together with Kmetratron Bankx in NYC! (starting after 58 minutes)
Performed as part of Composers Concordance presents Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation ‘Let’s Save The World Suite’@Silvana 9/7/22Video my Moti Margolin


Sitting in with Tommy Campbell at Django’s in NYC

Delighted to be featured as singer with the Dizzy Gillespie and Mingus Band drummer Tommy Campbell band at The Django’s in NYC


‘A weirded up Anita O’Day’

Music Web International

“Dunér is a high-octane performer who thrives on visceral contrasts, rhythmic changes, and simmering intensity. She is a stylistic omnivore, taking elements from musical arenas that interest her but fashioning them to her own idiosyncrasies and sensibility. Her startling vocalese on Gossip with multi-tracking involves some virile playing from the cellist too; a track that put me in mind of a kind of weirded-up Anita O’Day.”

– Jonathan Woolf, Music Web International


‘From Ella to Schoenberg’

Great review in Music Web International of Sophie’s previous CD Songs Eclectic together with Gene Pritsker.


Bop ‘Til You Drop

‘Bop ‘Til You Drop’ from Sophie’s new solo release ‘Strictly Business’ Youtube Premiere today!


Thanks, Women in Jazz Media!


‘Strictly Business’ is on Spotify


Composers Concordance 2022/23 – Composer feature

Very excited to be apart of Composers Concordance upcoming season in NYC where I will be featured as a composer during 3 events. Also, very grateful for them selecting some of my artworks on their website for this new season.


My deepest confession

Another nice CD review by Musenblätter

There she is again, that charismatic, incomparable voice of the Swedish jazz singer Sophie Dunér, whose guttural timbre can jump over octaves and produce a unique scat.” – Frank Becker, Musenblätter


‘Strictly Business’ CD release event / Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ/WMSE


Strictly Business


Live CD release show on Dr. Sushi’s Free jazz BBQ / WMSE

Sophie will be giving a live CD release show on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ / WMSE coming up on Tuesday July 26 at 10am Milwaukee time (5pm European time)

Tune in on WMSE.ORG !


‘Sophie Dunér: The One and Only’ by The Art Music Lounge

First CD review of ‘Strictly Business’ that was just released on July 7!

“The Boswells certainly did improvise, sometimes in quite a wild fashion, constantly changing the harmonies and rhythms of the tunes they sang. And so did Louis Armstrong, Dave Lambert, Anita O’Day, Jon Hendricks, Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy. But you’d have to put all of them together and add a touch of Charles Mingus (one of Dunér’s idols), John Coltrane, Arthur Blythe and Karlheinz Stockhausen (whose music she has also sung) to get even a remote idea of what Sophie sounds like. She composes her own tunes, both lyrics and music, in addition to singing music by Monk, Mingus and Stockhausen. Her vocal delivery is forceful, with a high register that sounds like Arthur Blythe, a low range that booms out like Armstrong’s, and a style that practically ridicules those female jazz singers who do a lounge act in a come-hither voice, dolling themselves up to look like calendar girls. Dunér blows that entire image up as if it were attacked by a hand grenade. Quite simply, there is no one else like her in the entire world; she is one of a kind, an artist who broke her own mold and lives to be a performer on the edge.” – The Art Music Lounge

Read entire review Sophie Dunér : The One and Only

Check out ‘Strictly Business’ on HearNow

‘Strictly Business’ is available for sale on Apple Music


Strictly Business solo CD release in July

“Sophie not only delivers us jazz and blues on this album but she also treats us to vocals that bring to mind Meredith Monk – and she scats like Ella. She hits the low notes, she hits the high notes, and she hits all the notes in between.There is no one performing today that possesses the unique set of vocal skills that Sophie does.”  – Christopher Stawski aka Dr. Sushi of Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ / WMSE Radio