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The Multiple Useful


Let’s go Commercial

Always had a passion for big bands. Here I am premiering my tune ‘Let’s go commercial’ with CompCord Big Band directed (and arranged for big band) by Gene Pritsker at Players Theatre in NYC, a great night!!


Review in the NYC Jazz Record

Proud to be a part of this amazing review in this months issue of (the acclaimed jazz journal) The New York City Jazz Record by John Pietaro of Composers Concordance presents Sound Liberation at the The Bitter End in NYC: 

”……..Dunér was called up for outstanding scat vocals, leaning easily against original music morphing into Brahms and erupting into Rozenblatt’s Krupa-like tom-toms. If this be New Music, it is the sort best viewed with eyes locked into a convex rear-view mirror. ” – John Pietaro  1/23 The New York City Jazz Record


Recording in Boston

Back from a wonderful but short stay in Boston, finishing my Mingus CD with maestro Bertram Lehman on percussion & electronics.

Looking forward to our upcoming summer CD release in 2023! Meanwhile, check out the teaser of ‘Eclipse’ (featured recently on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ/WMSE)


Premiere at Players Theatre in NYC

Delighted to have my piece ’Let’s go commercial’ (arranged by Gene Pritsker) premiered by CompCord Big Band the other night at Players Theatre in Manhattan! photo by Peter Fokas © (Let’s go commercial is also featured on my new CD ‘Strictly Business’.)


‘Strictly Business’ CD receives ’The 2022 “What a Performance!” Awards’


‘Let’s go commercial’ premiere with Comp Cord Big Band in NYC



The Multiple Useful

‘The Multiple Useful’ by Sophie Dunér © From the new solo CD ‘Strictly Business’.


Halloween Video Special Birthday Bash

Sophie presents a Halloween Video Special of new selected works of music and art to be premiered! To be posted on this event page on October 28!



Solen står högre nu, var dag kom du och stanna. Hör vågor så blå, djup längtan ner, ner. Sinnen så röda, skär mina tankar i eld. Solen står högre nu högre nu, möt stjärnornas stjäl. Djup, glödande het, slår hon ut sin spirande kärlek. Hör, ylande, ropande varghona, ah ah ah! Ah, ah, hör mitt rop! Sjung min sång en gång till. Känn mitt blod, tag mina ben. Ah, aha ah ah! Ah ah ah! Ah ah ah! Ah ah ah! Ah ah ah! Sophie Dunér 1992



‘VARGHONAN’ is for upcoming video release on October 21.


Strictly Business


Podcast / Co-hosting Dr.Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ/WMSE

The podcast from my co-host radio show together with Dr. Sushi aka Christopher Stawski from last weeks ‘Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ’/WMSE is now finally available! Check out the show, including music from my new solo release ‘Strictly Business’ produced by Darren Allison as well as a teaser track of Charles Mingus ‘Eclipse’ from my upcoming duo CD together with Bertram Lehman on percussion! (starting at 1.55 minutes)


Coming up for Halloween!

Just finished a wonderful video recording series, for upcoming Halloween release!


Sophie Dunér to co-host ‘Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ’/WMSE

Sophie will have the honor to co-host Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ’/WMSE on Tuesday September 27 from 9am – 12pm (CT). Together with Dr. Sushi, she will talk about music that has influenced her and also play songs from her new solo album ‘Strictly Business’. She willas well offer a hot new teaser of her upcoming ‘Modern Mingus’ duo CD together with Bertram Lehman on percussion & electronics.


Video release of ‘Strictly Bizness’

Video release of ‘Strictly Business’ coming up on September 28! Check out the FB event


Fun improv at Silvana’s in Harlem


Interview in JazzBluesNews


A great CD review in LIRA