Strictly Business

‘Strictly Business’ is just released! Check it out on HearNow. buy it on Apple Music and read the review in The Art Music Lounge.

“The Boswells certainly did improvise, sometimes in quite a wild fashion, constantly changing the harmonies and rhythms of the tunes they sang. And so did Louis Armstrong, Dave Lambert, Anita O’Day, Jon Hendricks, Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy. But you’d have to put all of them together and add a touch of Charles Mingus (one of Dunér’s idols), John Coltrane, Arthur Blythe and Karlheinz Stockhausen (whose music she has also sung) to get even a remote idea of what Sophie sounds like. She composes her own tunes, both lyrics and music, in addition to singing music by Monk, Mingus and Stockhausen. Her vocal delivery is forceful, with a high register that sounds like Arthur Blythe, a low range that booms out like Armstrong’s, and a style that practically ridicules those female jazz singers who do a lounge act in a come-hither voice, dolling themselves up to look like calendar girls. Dunér blows that entire image up as if it were attacked by a hand grenade. Quite simply, there is no one else like her in the entire world; she is one of a kind, an artist who broke her own mold and lives to be a performer on the edge.” – The Art Music Lounge “Sophie not only delivers us jazz and blues on this album but she also treats us to vocals that bring to mind Meredith Monk – and she scats like Ella. She hits the low notes, she hits the high notes, and she hits all the notes in between. There is no one performing today that possesses the unique set of vocal skills that Sophie does.” – Christopher Srawski aka Dr. Sushi / Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ / WMSE

Dominic Duval Sr & Sophie Dunér Duo: Jazz Standards: For upcoming release TBA

For upcoming release on CIMP records. TBA. Meanwhile, listen to Dominic and Sophie on Live from WJFF to Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ /WMSE.

Songs Eclectic with Gene Pritsker. Available on Bandcamp.

‘SONGS ECLECTIC’ by Gene Pritsker & Sophie Dunér

What Matters with Gene Pritsker & Friends

Released in July 2020. Excited to be featured on Gene Pritsker’s “What Matters” together with Magdalena Stern-Baczewska and Simon Springer!

Check it out on Bandcamp!

The City of Dizzy

The City of Dizzy / Sophie Dunér & Jeremy Harman (2016)

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The City of Dizzy

“This album is a killer. Nearly every track comes at you like an assault of rhythm in which the twists and turns of the music keep you on the edge of your seat.” “Improvising like a jazz horn. Many such singers have claimed this distinction, but only a handful, Dunér, Mark Murphy and Anita O’Day among them, have ever really achieved this.” “There’s an elemental, animal excitement in everything Dunér sings that grabs you by the throat and pulls you out of complacency.” – The Art Music Lounge.

Read entire interview & review HERE.

The City of My Soul

“The City of My Soul” / Sophie Dunér & The Callino Quartet, recorded in London (and produced by Michael Haas) and released on Big Round Records / PARMA recordings (2013).


“This is a first-class creator and this is a stunning album, the music of which certainly opens up new and quite astonishing possibilities for other jazz vocal artists around the world to emulate and expand.”

– Fanfare Magazine


Promotional video on Youtube

Artist Page on Big Round Records

Photos from London recording session

Reviews of CD




Big Round Sound

“Big Round Sound” (Big Round Records, PARMA Recordings) is a CD compilation of PARMA artists, including Sophie’s string quartet version of ‘Hey Doctor’. Released 2015.









Live from PARMA Music Festival 2014

“Live from PARMA Music Festival 2014” (Navona Records, PARMA Recordings) is a CD of live performances from the festival, including ‘Addicted to Love’ by Sophie Dunér © & Jeremy Harman. Released in 2015.








The City of My Soul (first edition) Sophie Dunér & The Callino Quartet/ Sophie Productions

The City Of My Dreams

The City of My Dreams

“The City of My Dreams” / The Sophie Dunér String Quartet – Madrid, Spain
Sophie Productions ( Dec. 2008 )
See what they say about the CD!

“As a composer, lyricist and vocalist we pretty much have to acknowledge that Sophie is a genuine triple threat.” – Slim & Michael Coyle, Cadence Magazine, N.Y, USA. Featuring musicians such as Carles Fibla, Emilio Robles, Elena Borderías, Guillermo Martínez, Silvia Villamor, Marina Sorin, Hector Rojo Paco Ortega & Diego galaz.

The Rain in Spain / Sophie Dunér Quartet

“The Rain in Spain” / Sophie Dunér Quartet, released in 2006, C.I.M.P. Musicians: Rory Stuart – guitar, Matt Penman – bass, Kahlil Kwame Bell – percussion & Sophie Dunér – vocals & composition.

“As a composer, lyricist and vocalist we pretty much have to acknowledge that Sophie is a genuine triple threat.” Cadence Magazine

“Orange” The Sophie Dunér Orchestra – Boston, USA

"Orange" The Sophie Dunér Orchestra - Boston, USA

…Rippling with seductive energy, the music reflects the merging of styles such as the musicians themselves.

Featuring musicians such as Mika Pohjola, George Dontchev & Kazumi Ikenaga.

“Dance with me”/The Interplay Collective – Juerg Wickihalder

"Dance with me"/The Interplay Collective - Juerg Wickihalder

/Lausanne, CH / Dreamscape

Directed by Juerg Wickihalder. As singer & co – composer – Dreamscape Music — CH

“……notable is the warm and smooth jazz voice that dominates the grand arrangement “.

Featuring musicians such as Matt Pennman, Jérome Sabbagh, Frédèric Bevilaqua, Jean Yves Roucand, Stéphane Mercier etc

The Big Van – Guillermo Klein

N.Y, USA / Beat Records
As invited singer. Featuring musicians such as Sten Höstfält, Chris Cheek, Mark Turner, Seamus Blake, Aaron Goldberg etc

Prausagios da Carnaval – Fernando Tarrés

AR / BAU Records

As invited singer.

El Minotauro – The Big Van – Guillermo Klein

N.Y, USA / Candid Records

As invited singer.

“….featuring an intense Spanish vocal performance by Sophie Dunér “. David R Adler, All Music Guide, New York


“The Outsider” /Fernando Tarrés & Arida Conta Group

“The Outsider” /Fernando Tarrés & Arida Conta Group – CT,USA / Savant Records

Featuring musicians such as Danilo Pérez, Don McCaslin, Dan Rieser, Tino Derado & Fernando Huergo.



Travelogue / Werner Fischer – Zürich, CH /

Featuring musicians Juerg Wickihalder, Gabriel Schiltknecht, Nesin Howhannesijan